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Lone Pine Mall

Flying into asteroid fields seven days a week

12 March 1982
Apathetic with a hint of blue. I pay the bills, I call the shots, I grease the palms, I buy the yachts. Tedious digital cookie-cutter. The lesser of who cares. Standing in the gaze of history pantless. Dying young as late as possible. Jack Valenti's worst nightmare. Small, weightless, plastic, rigid, and clean. Stark raving sane. Refreshingly analog. A pair of brown shoes in a world of tuxedos. An Einstein of the bear community. Head chef at an all toast restaurant.
8% of my love, aaron sorkin, ain't it cool news, airplanes, albert einstein, alpha phi omega, american pie, apo, aragorn, athena, babylon 5, back to the future, backrubs, bad ideas, batman, battlestar galactica, being on rooftops, bellringing, bells, bill murray, billy crystal, books, boston, brad bird, cake, chandler bing, change ringing, cheapass games, chocolate, cinema, climbing shafts, commentary tracks, convex optimization, course 19, douglas adams, duct tape, dvds, electrical engineering, ender's game, feedback control, film, firefly, friends, fusion, gluck, gmail, google, hacking, hacks, hamlet, han solo, ian mckellen, iap, ice skating, ihtfp, imdb, indana jones, information theory, j michael straczynski, jason lee, jerry seinfeld, johnny depp, joss whedon, juggling, kevin smith, knots, laughing, legos, long hair, lord of the rings, lost, lsc, macs, math, mathman, matlab, mel brooks, middle earth, minesweeper, mit, molly, more than 150 interests, movies, mystery hunt, neil gaiman, netflix, new york city, number theory, one liners, origami, oscars, peter jackson, physical plant, pixar, power tools, procrastination, production diaries, pulling hacks, puzzles, r2d2, random hall, ray harryhausen, reading, repetitive strain injury, robert zemeckis, robin williams, roborally, rooftops, ropes, sailing, san francisco, sarcasm, satire, sci-fi/fantasy, science fiction, scouting, scritching, shafting, sid ceasar, slashdot, sleep, slepian-wolf, square one, star trek, star wars, steve martin, steven spielberg, stop motion, studio 60 on the, sunset strip, superman, television, terry gilliam, the far side, the ring of power, the west wing, tolkien, tom lehrer, tom stoppard, visual effects, walking, weird al, wellywood, weta, wikipedia, william goldman, wright brothers, xkcd, yo-yos, zephyr